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What do we offer? What do we guarantee? What can you expect from us? Where are our boundaries? What principles are important to us? It is crucial to know answers to these questions in advance, so that everyone could decide whether she or he wants to belong to our school. The School Profile of our school is designed for current and future teachers, pupils and their parents.

Our school wants to be:

  • Transparent and Understandable
  • Open
  • Safe

The transparent and understandable school is the school where its expectations, its borders, the principles on which it stands and the rules of cooperation are shared with parents and students in advance.

Open school is the school where there is a minimum of communication barriers between all participants of the school life.

The safe school is the school that creates tools which can prevent conflict situations. The safe school is a place where different approaches and solutions are possible and where the diversity of routes and views is not threatening.

Target "product" of our work is the pupil who:

  • has balanced personality
  • is friendly
  • is educated
  • has the desire to explore further

The balanced pupil knows how to deal with changes of conditions. He is able to deal with failure. He is not unilaterally focused. He develops various types of skills. He can bear reasonable pressure. He has real self-image and he has his role in the group.

The friendly pupil is selfless, cooperative, empathetic, not unhealthily competitive and egocentric.

Educated pupil has healthy work habits. He is e equipped with reasonable skills and knowledge. He is able to efficiently organize and structure his work. He can work with long-term goals. He is able to judge his own work.

Only student who has experienced achievements, who has verified the theory into practice and who is not afraid to make mistakes and who feels the support and trust during the learning process has the desire to study further.

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