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Educational program

Educational program


The target of foreign languages education has had a long and successful tradition at our school. School Educational Program follows this idea and depicts its priority – high quality of foreign languages education. We are strongly convinced that knowledge of languages, ability to speak, so called communication key competence - is nowadays a necessary link that buries the borders of prejudice in unifying Europe and in the world getting smaller as it helps to mutual understanding, cooperation, partnership and friendship between individuals and nations.

Finally it expresses the fact that our school has been and wants to be a friendly school- towards to pupils, teachers, parents and society- the school whose school educational program is friendly and built upon friendly relations among all participants.

Our school wants to provide high quality basic education, focused mainly on active skills. Pupils language skills of talented pupils are developed at the primary school due to more intensive version of studies and at the secondary level in language groups.

Educational strategies, objectives and competences of the School Educational Program

  • Learning competencies
    To lead pupils to responsibility for their education, to allow students to absorb the learning strategies and to motivate them for life leasing

  • Solving problems competencies
    To initiate students to creative thinking, logical thinking and to problem solving

  • Communication competencies
    To lead pupils to open, versatile and effective communication

  • Social and personal competencies
    To develop the cooperation skills of students, the ability to work in a team, to respect and assess their own work as well as work of the others

  • Civil competencies
    To bring up pupils as free citizens, full-filling their obligation, claiming their rights and respecting the rights of the others, as personalities responsible for their lives, their health and their life environment, as thoughtful human beings able and caring to help effectively in different situations

  • Work competencies
    To lead pupils to a positive attitude to work, to teach pupils to use adequate materials, tool and technologies, to teach pupils protect their health at work, to help pupils when choosing their future careers.

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